Guthrie Memorial Library

Library Staff Directory

Within each library, we have a team of people that work together to make your visit as easy (and fun!) as possible. From running events to checking out books, our library team members are dedicated to helping you in the best way they possibly can. Not only does each library have a helpful staff, but also has a team of dedicated volunteers that assist with varying areas of library operations. Listed below, you will find the names of our staff members and their position within the library.

Meet Our Team At Guthrie Memorial Library:

Julie Moul

Interim Library Director
Kelly Horner

Kelly Horner

Children’s Services Manager
Ryan Bankert Guthrie

Ryan Bankert

Adult Services Manager
Charles Michael F.

Charles Michael Farley

Teen Services Manager
staff headshot of Michelle from guthrie memorial library

Michelle Ortasic

Marketing Coordinator

Annie-Laure Woappi

Volunteer Coordinator
  • Alissa H.

  • Teen/Children's Library Assistant
  • Carly C.

  • Adult Library Assistant
  • Hannah N.

  • Teen/Children's Library Assistant
  • Jeanette M.

  • Cataloging Services
  • Jennifer C.

  • Children's Library Assistant
  • Julie T.

  • Adult Library Assistant
  • Linda G.

  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Linda S.

  • Adult Library Assistant
  • Matthew O.

  • Children's Library Assistant
  • Meredith H.

  • Children's Library Assistant
  • Robin F.

  • Children’s Library Assistant
  • Rocco D.

  • Maintenance Technician