Teen Advisory Groups

Teen Advisory Groups
Because teens co-create, co-evaluate, and co-evolve our library programs based on their passions and interests.

What type of programs do you want to see at your library? With the Teen Advisory Group, you would help make the decisions for new programs and events that teens of York County Libraries to enjoy!

Teen Advisory Group Roles:

In the library:

Within some of our York County Libraries, groups of dedicated teens work together to enhance their library and its programs for teenagers. For example, Our Martin Library Teen Advisory Group members work with Teen staff to make sure that the area is welcoming to all teens from 13-18. Additionally, they can also recommend new books for purchase, help with the summer reading desk in the Children’s area, and assist with other volunteer assignments as needed.

Other libraries have their own unique series of programs and events whose goal follows the same ideal: to encourage the teens of York County to feel comfortable attending their local libraries and utilizing the resources they provide.

In the community:

Within the community, the Teen Advisory Groups take quite an initiative in benefiting the teens of York County through various events and volunteer opportunities.

How do I get involved with my library’s Teen Advisory Group?

Ask your local library staff and volunteers for more information about their Teen Advisory Groups, meetings, and how to join.

Not all libraries in York County have a Teen Advisory Group, but most libraries provide unique programs and events specifically designed for teens to enjoy. Visit our Events Calendar to find upcoming events near you!