Block Party

Block Party
Because learning starts before kindergarten…

What is Block Party?

Use your hands, carefully stack pieces together, knock them down, and do it all over again! Block Party is a Pennsylvania State Library initiative used to encourage the use of block play for developmental and learning growth in children ages 4-6.

Since 2013, over 65 libraries across the state have been granted the supplies to host their own Block Parties. In libraries that did not have adequate space for block parties, a program called Wee Build, which York County Libraries also provide, was created to fit in smaller libraries.

How does my child benefit from block play?

Using your hands to create, build, and play is one of the essential pieces to learning. From a young age, you learn by using all five senses. With block play, your hand-eye coordination, social-emotional skills, and early math and science skills are strengthened. Additionally, your child can practice his/her creativity skills and imagination. To learn more about how your child can learn through block play, read this article by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. 

As your child continues to use developmental materials to encourage growth and learning, he or she will go through the seven stages of block play. Read more about the seven stages of block play in this article.