Play, Learn, Grow!

Play, Learn, Grow
Because playtime is essential to early childhood development and literacy…

What is Play, Learn, Grow?

Build things up, knock them down, create artistic masterpieces, and just have fun! Did you know that the playtime you had as a child may have benefitted you in ways you may have never imagined? When kids are given the chance to play amongst themselves and with others, they are learning the fine motor skills, social skills, and early STEM skills that will help them be successful in school.

In York County Libraries, we strive to make every experience a chance to learn and grow. Play, Learn, Grow centers around the idea of learning through play. Through various resources in the library such as blocks, toys, games and interaction with others, children are learning creativity and expression, while also growing as individuals.

Play, Learn, Grow Materials at the Library

In all our York County Libraries, there are a wide range of toys and materials that are available for children to use and play with as they wish. When materials are not being used for programs or activities, children are welcome to freely play with the materials during their visit. We also have materials that are available to be checked out during your visit.

Some of the materials our libraries may have include:

  • Building blocks & LEGO® bricks
  • Cash Register
  • Kitchen Set and Food
  • Puzzles & Games
  • Puppets
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Animal Figurines
  • Other Materials available to be checked out!