One Book, Every Young Child

One Book One Child
Because infant & toddler literature collections are a rare treasure…

What is One Book, Every Young Child?

What if one book could unite the kids across the state? Through the One Book, Every Young Child Program, child care centers, libraries, and early childhood educators of Pennsylvania are supplied with the featured PA One Book each year. In this program, preschool age children will discover opportunities to read aloud, share books and stories, as well as partake in unique activities related to the book!

One Book, Every Young Child is a valuable program that highlights the importance of early literacy development in preschoolers and the significance of reading early and often to children, as well as engaging them in conversation and other activities around books.

One Book, Every Young Child has been developed by librarians and museum educators from across Pennsylvania to promote the value and benefits of reading early and often to preschoolers and to encourage family bonding through books and reading. Through collaborative agencies, this program successfully continues to flourish in libraries across the state!

This project is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the Office of Commonwealth Libraries

Walk with the Story: Story Walks in York County Libraries

With each step you take, experience the PA One Book like you’ve never done before! Various times throughout the year, our libraries will fill their buildings with beautifully decorated pages from the book for visitors to walk, read, and enjoy!

What is this year’s PA One Book?

This year, our PA One Book is Mel Fell by Corey R. Tabor.

Read more about the program, and previous books on the Pennsylvania One Book website.

Where can I find the PA One Book?

You can find the PA One Book in all our York County Libraries. Each library has access to the book along with the supplemental materials that help expand upon the concepts in each years’ book and align with Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards for Early Childhood.