Play K: Make Playtime a Chance to Learn

Children Playing with Blocks
Because learning to read comes before reading to learn…

What is Play K?

Get the head start on Kindergarten with one of our Play K programs! With our Play K programs, we transform playtime into early learning opportunities! In York County Libraries, we strive to make every experience a chance to learn and grow. With these programs developed by the Office of Commonwealth Libraries, we can assist families and young children as they are given the chance to play and learn the skills children need to be successful in school.  Parents and other family members want the best for their children, and the library is the place they come to play, learn and explore.

With the experiences gained from these Play K sessions, children will be much more inclined to start school ready to read and ready to learn in all subject areas. The Play K curriculum provides support for Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards for Early Childhood.


How do I get involved with Play K?

The choice is yours! We offer a variety of unique ways to incorporate Play K into your everyday lives. Some libraries encourage self-learning experiences by putting the materials out, inviting families in and letting them play on their own. 

Other libraries may offer circle times that help children learn social skills like taking turns, as well as other activities they will experience in Kindergarten.  These activities may also be added into Story Time programs held at the library. But the best part of it all is that each one of these activities can also be re-created at home!

Take-Home Playscape Forms:

The following playscapes, together with the basic kit, will help create inviting learning spaces where families can talk, sing, read, write and play as they cruise into Kindergarten!