LEGO® Block Party

LEGO Block Party

Because hands-on learning builds stronger brains…

LEGO® Block Party at the Library

Calling all creative minds! Join us for our LEGO® Block Parties at the library! Let your mind come up with the ideas, and allow your hands to do all the work. With our Lego themed programming, kids are not only expressing their creativity, but also developing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills through play.

LEGO® materials are available during our block parties, as well as during free play times. Block parties are held in various libraries throughout York County, with a wide range of building materials. Much alike LEGO® Block Parties, we also have Block Parties and Wee Build that also utilize building materials, and encourage STEM skill development.

Check out our Events Calendar to find all our hands-on building programs dates and times.


Benefits of LEGO Block Party Play

  • Math skills are self-taught and learned through trial and error
  • Science concepts are experimented
  • Problem Solving skills are developing
  • Literacy skill are developing: As they build, there is often a story behind their creation. Re-iterating this story helps with narrative skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking
  • Cooperation and Social Skill are strengthened as they work with other kids
  • Family involvement and understanding of library resources are heightened