Tribute Gifts

Tribute Gifts

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A gift in honor or in memory of someone you love is a meaningful way to pay tribute to a person, group, occasion or milestone. 

Your contribution of any amount will be acknowledged with a personalized letter sent to the person you specify. With Tribute Bookplate, a contribution of $35 or more allows you the option of having a bookplate installed in a physical book in our collections for all to see. Visit the Donate Now page to make a tribute gift today.

Tribute Bookplates

A Tribute Bookplate is a meaningful way to recognize, thank or remember a special person or milestone event while giving back to the library. For your gift, the library will place a bookplate bearing the tribute’s name in a piece in our collection.

Your Tribute Bookplate:

  • Honors someone you care about
  • Supports your community library
  • Gives the gift of knowledge to members of your community

Visit the Donate Now page to make a tribute gift or download and print the form below (specific to the library of your choice) to mail your tribute gift. Please note that there is a minimum donation of $35 for a Tribute Bookplate, and larger contributions are welcome.

Find your Library’s Tribute Bookplate Form

Click the library’s name below to download the printable Tribute Bookplate Form for that location.

All Tribute gifts are tax-deductible donations to the library. These gifts provide much-needed funding for the programs and services offered to everyone in the community.

For more information, please contact the Development Office by phone at 717-849-6976 or [email protected].

Locate Tribute Bookplates in the Online Catalog

All bookplates are searchable in York County Libraries’ online catalog! Once the book is plated and added to the collection, you can search for the person’s name to locate the book that was plated in their honor.

How to Locate the Bookplate:

  • Type the honoree’s name in the Search bar and filter the “Type” to Digital Bookplate. Then click Search.

Screenshot image of the online catalog search bar and filters on the digital bookplate "type"

  • If a matching bookplate name is found, you will see book(s) in your search results.
  • Click the book title to view the Item Details page. The bookplate description will be located just below the “Holds” section.

Note: To place a hold on the specific plated copy of the book, you must contact your library for assistance.

Tribute Gift FAQs

Are tribute donations tax-deductible?

Yes! All tribute donations are charitable donations and tax-deductible as allowed by law. You will receive an official acknowledgment for tax purposes.

Can a request a specific book for my tribute bookplate?

Because of the size and complexity of the library’s collection, we are unable to accommodate requests for bookplates to be placed in specific books. Library staff will select books that complement our collections and match donor intent.

How do you acknowledge tribute donations?

If you wish for someone to be notified of your gift (honoree, next of kin, etc.), then we will send a letter acknowledging your tribute gift. When making your tribute gift, please be sure to include the name and address of the recipient so we may notify them accordingly. The amount of the donation is never disclosed in the notification. You, as the donor, will also receive an official acknowledgment for tax purposes.

Do I have to include my tribute’s address?

No. Although, if you want your tribute to receive notification of your gift, then we kindly ask that you provide a valid mailing address.

Do you have to include my name when notifying my Tribute of my gift?

No. Any gift can be made anonymously, and our gift forms (both online and hard-copy) provide the option to select “anonymous.”

Can my team/club/business make a Tribute Gift?

Yes! Tribute gifts can be made by an individual, a group, or a company.