Room Rentals: Policies and Procedures

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Room rentals are not currently available as part of our current reopening phase and the extra measures we’re taking to provide you with a safe and healthy library environment. To learn more, click here

Facility Use Reservation and Booking Procedure

To begin the reservation process, please fill out an application and call (717) 849-6969.

Library facilities may be reserved by businesses, agencies, or organizations who conduct business in York County and individuals who are members of York County Libraries. Submission of an online Facilities Use Application (Application) is required. The application shall be reviewed and approved by the Facilities Use Coordinator and Library Director based on criteria set forth in this document. 

Rooms Available at Martin Library

Facilities will be reserved in the following priority:

  1. Library sponsored meetings or programs
  2. Partner agencies or organizations
  3. Library staff
  4. Other meetings and programs
  5. Individuals

To read our full Facility Use Policy, click here

Reserving a Room:

Please call (717) 849-6969 to set an appointment

Rooms are reserved directly through the Facilities Use Coordinator and may be made up to six months in advance. Extension of this agreement must be requested and are not automatically approved.


Facilities Use Coordinator:

Phone: 717-849-6969
Email: [email protected]

Study Rooms and Atrium Tables:

Information Services Department
Phone: 717-849-6955
Email: [email protected]