Part of the Story

Because awareness is the key to change…

Part of the Story: Real Life Impact

Part of the Story is a five-week program that engages teens in real life impact issues. Local professionals will offer answers to teen questions on this year’s theme, “body image”.

You Voted. You Chose. Now Read.

This summer local teens from age 13-18 cast their votes for the 2018 Part of the Story read. The ballots were available online and at York County Libraries from June 1st – 30th.

And the winner is…

Every Day by David Levithan

Now a major motion picture!

A has no friends. No parents. No family. No possessions. No home, even. Because every day, A wakes up in the body of a different person. A is able to access each person’s memory, enough to be able to get through the day without parents, friends, and teachers realizing this is not their child, not their friend, not their student. Because it isn’t. It’s A. It’s a lonely existence–until, one day, it isn’t. A meets a girl named Rhiannon. And A falls for her after a perfect day together. But when night falls, it’s over. Because A can never be the same person twice. But yet, A can’t stop thinking about Rhiannon. She becomes A’s reason for existing. So every day, in different bodies–of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and walks of life–A tries to get back to her and convince her of their love. But can their love transcend such an obstacle?

Read the book and attend events to discuss the real-life impact of body image.  Part of the Story special events will be announced in September and begin in October at a library near you.


2018 Program Timeline

June 1 – 30 – Teens vote
July/August – Winning book is announced
August – Books available at libraries
September – Programs and special events announced
October – Events during Teen Read Week
November – Teen Town Hall