York Cosplay!

Bring your favorite fandom character to life! York Cosplay is a program for teens that’s all about fostering authenticity, inclusivity, and confidence through creative self-expression.

Through expert-led workshops and events, you’ll learn about cosplay design & fabrication, fandom, and more – all with the goal of helping you put together your own cosplay look for the teen fashion show on December 7!

Summer Fandom Events Schedule

This summer, attend one of our Saturday fandom workshops! Learn more about cosplay and other elements of fandom during these events.

May 11 – Cosplay 101: Getting started with the Basics

  • Learn more about the art of cosplay and what you need to start creating your look.
  • Workshop Locations:

June 8 – Finishing Your Look: Wigs, Makeup & More

  • What do you need to finish your look? Let an expert teach you tips and tricks for makeup, hair, and other details that make your costume complete!
  • Workshop Locations:

July 13 – Putting the “Play” in your Cosplay

  • Learn theater techniques that actors use to get you moving in character so you can strike the perfect pose!
  • Workshop Locations:

August 10 – Fandom & You: Community, Safety, and Self-Expression

  • What does it mean to be part of a fandom? Learn about the community, safety, and self-expression that comes with it all.
  • Workshop Locations:

2024 Con Schedule: 

The 2024 Con and Fashion Show will be held on December 7, 2024 from 11am to 4pm (Fashion Show runs 2-3pm). 

What to expect during the event:

  • Artist Alley showcasing local art and artisans
  • Panel Discussions led by local artists, illustrators, cosplayers, and authors
  • Teen Fashion Show
  • …and more!

Teen Cosplay Fashion Show

Show off your creativity during the Teen Cosplay Fashion show at Martin Library! No experience necessary to participate; however, participants are invited to attend any of the summer workshops to prepare for the show.

Registration is required – Sign up link coming soon!

What happens at the York Cosplay: Teen Fashion Show?

  • Teens will arrive an hour and a half early to dress, touch up makeup, take photos, and participate in a dress rehearsal before doors open to the public.
  • Teens will enter the room, one-by-one, like models in a runway show.
  • An MC will introduce them by name and tell the audience a bit about their cosplay costume while the teen walks and poses in character.
  • Once all teens walk the runway, they will enter the room together for the big finale.
  • Audience members of all ages are welcome to wear costumes too!
  • After the show, there are refreshments, green screens, and time to pose for photos.

Guidelines to Participate in York Cosplay: Teen Fashion Show 2024

  • Ages 12-18
  • Register online (Deadline to be determined)
  • All participants agree to being photographed and videotaped for Internet usage
  • All cosplay props must be obviously fake and non-functioning. (Example: a bow cannot shoot arrows) 
  • No glitter, confetti, pyrotechnics, live flame, or smoke generators of any kind
  • No electrical power connections will be provided. Power must be part of costume design.
  • Costume and props can be handmade, adapted clothing and found objects, rented, or bought.
  • York County Libraries is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is cosplay?

Cosplay is the creative interpretation of fictional characters and pop culture influences through costume and props. Some people choose to cosplay by reproducing characters from their favorite work of fiction, while others cosplay as original characters of their own creation.

What types of cosplays are welcome?

York Cosplay Workshop Series and York Cosplay Teen Fashion Show are for all fandoms—comics, anime, manga, role-playing games, tv series, books, and movies, as well as original characters created by teens.

I want to put together a cosplay, but I don't have the equipment to create it or a place to work on it.

We can help you with this! Martin Library, Kreutz Creek Library, and Guthrie Memorial Library have workspaces available with sewing machines, 3d printers, computers, cameras, and multimedia equipment for you to use. You're welcome to come into any of the libraries above and work on your cosplay whenever they're open.