Staff Directory

The staff at York County Libraries are a dedicated team focused on finding the best way to serve the communities that surround the 13 libraries in York County. No matter the challenge, problem, or question, the staff at YCL is committed to working together to find a solution that helps make our communities a place where everyone can learn and grow.

York County Libraries Staff Directory

Robert Lambert

Robert Lambert

Meet our President

Susan Davidson

Vice President, Finance and Advancement
John Miller

John Miller

Director of Library Administration
Ellen Helfrick

Ellen Helfrick

Director of Library Relations

Mindy McDonnell

Director of Youth Services

Autumn Groff

Assistant Director of Digital Services & Marketing
Lora Lynn Kahler

Lora-Lynn Kahler

Marketing & Communications Director

Mary Beth Long

Director of Technical & Collection Services

Anne Druck

Corporate and Foundation Relations Manager

Emily Johnson

Senior Accountant

Jill Magee

Graphic Designer

Deborah Sullivan

Community Relations Director

Todd Stevens

IT Director

Zachary Zimmerman

Facilities Manager
  • Breanne Brunner

  • Technical Services Assistant
  • Danielle Davis

  • Technical Services Librarian
  • Philip Erb

  • Safety Specialist
  • Kimberly Godfrey

  • Cataloging Specialist
  • Gregory Gotwalt

  • Delivery Driver
  • Joe Groff

  • Delivery Driver
  • Dana Ferree

  • Interlibrary Loan Manager
  • Patty Ford

  • Development Specialist
  • Rian Hartman

  • Technical Support Representative
  • Rebecca Hofmann

  • Marketing & Communications Librarian
  • Kimberly Klinedinst

  • Executive Assistant
  • Susan Korsnick

  • Teen Services Program Manager
  • Monee Myers

  • Youth Services Specialist
  • Holly Nace

  • Interlibrary Loan Assistant
  • Adrienne Scott

  • Educational Services Director
  • Albert Sun

  • Assistant Director of Data Analysis & Digital Services
  • Deanna Trevethan

  • Technical Services Assistant
  • Breanna Winters

  • Youth Services Program Manager