For Teens

For Teens

Because the teens of York County have a safe space to go after school…

Young adults, aged 13-18, comprise the focus of Teen Services across York County. Both middle and high school students are encouraged to visit their local library and explore the variety of programs and services that are available to them. We have computer and wi-fi access in all libraries and students are encouraged to ask for research and homework help while they are in the library.

What types of programs and materials do York County Libraries have for teens?

For Older Students:

  • Scholarly Test prep materials online and in books
  • Financial Literacy programs: Funding for college, personal finance, and insurance
  • Health Literacy programs: Answer your questions regarding addiction, abuse, trauma, etc.

Leadership Opportunities

Career Preparation Assistance

Teen services across York County are growing, so check with your local library for specific details about the fun programs available near you!

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