Capital Campaign

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A First in YCL’s History

Three Libraries, One Goal

In April 2019, York County Libraries announced plans to reimagine and transform three libraries: Martin Library, Kreutz Creek Library, and Kaltreider-Benfer Library into state-of-the-art library facilities. The changes would enhance each location’s capacity to grow its services to meet the ever-changing needs of York County’s children, teens, and adults.

Fast-forward to today, all three of the building projects are now complete. These three projects mark the first simultaneous, multi-location expansion in York County Libraries’ 49-year history. The transformation of these libraries is remarkable.

Campaign Goal Achieved

Our Heartfelt Gratitude

Because of the community’s enthusiastic and generous support of YCL’s Imagine. Discover. Connect. Capital Campaign, the campaign goal of $10 million dollars was achieved! The combination of local contributions, matching grants, and the Financial Assistance of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has brought these projects from dream to reality. We are so appreciative of everyone who helped achieve this goal! Thank you!

A Look at the Results

Reimagined Spaces

We have recreated and added new space for the community to imagine, discover, and connect! Here are some brief highlights:

Martin Library – $6M Investment

  • Exterior restoration, including the library’s iconic arched windows and entrance, improved energy efficiencies and historic preservation
  • Additional seating, self-checkout stations, and a centrally located help desk are convenient for library visitors
  • Reinvented library space, totaling 63,682 square feet, allows for more creativity and member services
  • Secure airport style public restrooms add convenience
  • Expanded, heightened, and brightened spaces house digital media labs and a variety of hands-on learning zones
  • The larger Teens area features comfortable gathering spaces, state-of-the-art technology, production studios, and both maker and solver spaces
  • A new seating area in Children’s provides a comfortable place for caregivers and children to read
  • Families can enjoy and explore the outdoor sensory garden

Kreutz Creek Library – $2M Investment

  • The library is now located in the renovated 8,800 square foot former Hellam Township building 
  • The main entrance features two sets of ADA compliant automatic doors and is stroller friendly
  • An island-designed Member Services Desk is centrally located for optimal service
  • Conference and Study Rooms are equipped for tutoring, book discussions, and studying
  • A Community Room offers a bright & friendly meeting space with a nearby entrance for convenient after-hours meetings
  • Airport style restrooms and a family restroom have diaper change stations and accommodate wheelchairs and strollers
  • Circular computer stations offer six public access computers and three spaces for teens and adults to use their own devices
  • Parents and children can sit together at two large computer stations in the children’s area
  • The new library has dedicated program space for providing a variety of learning opportunities for children, teens, and adults

Kaltreider-Benfer Library – $2M Investment

  • The expanded and reimagined library has grown to a spacious 13,358 square feet.
  • New light fixtures and tall windows provide a pleasant atmosphere for reading and learning.
  • Circular stations offer twelve public access computers, and powered tables allow for convenient use of laptops and other tech.
  • A dedicated space for teens includes shelves of Young Adult Books, and a table for collaborative projects.
  • The Community Room and Conference Room offer space for library programs and meetings.
  • The children’s corner has cozy window seats and comfortable seating areas where children and families can sit and read.
  • The library entrance features two sets of automatic doors that are ADA compliant and stroller friendly.
  • Airport style restrooms and a family restroom have diaper change stations and accommodate wheelchairs and strollers.

A Little About YCL

Serving Real-life Needs

York County Libraries are agile, innovative institutions serving real-life needs of more than 331,000 annual visitors. Community members come to our libraries to discover and explore our diverse collections that speak to their experiences, ignite their imaginations, and offer wisdom. They seek intriguing learning opportunities led by field experts, local to national authors, and professional library staff. And they come to our libraries to connect with technology, job resources, early literacy programs, reliable databases, and of course, books.

Where We Began

Project Groundbreaking Ceremony

Want to learn about the full scope of the project? YCL hosted an online Groundbreaking Ceremony for the three library projects in March 2021. Click below to watch!

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