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Friends of the Library

Because libraries create healthier communities… and it takes a community to make a library

Friends of Guthrie Memorial Library

The Friends of Guthrie Memorial Library have been in existence since 1959 and they continue to thrive today! This group of energetic library lovers run regular fundraisers to help support all of the library’s programming, including the Summer Reading Program, Book Talks, and Story Times. The Friends will also occasionally assist with expensive purchases the library would not otherwise be able to afford, such as new book drops, technology tools, and library signs which allow us to communicate with busy commuters.

Our Friends work in tandem with the Library Director and staff selflessly giving physically and financially. By supporting the Friends of the Guthrie Memorial Library, your donation will ensure programming and needed upgrades within the library.

Friend Your Library  

Meet Our Friends Group

Barb Hentz

Vice President

Bobbi Little

Sharon O’Connell


The Hanover Public Library Association, Inc.: our 501(c)3 nonprofit partner

The Hanover Public Library Association, Inc (HPLA) was first chartered in 1909 to promote and stimulate interest in the library among the people of the greater Hanover community and to help the library provide and support “literary and educational undertakings.” Since that time, HPLA has grown into a full-fledged 501c3 nonprofit partner of Guthrie Memorial Library. HPLA’s primary mission is to steward the library’s endowment funds in order to ensure a financially sustainable future for library services in Hanover.

HPLA also runs our legacy giving program, The Aristotle Society. This is an honorary society recognizing those who have included the library in their estate plans. As a member of the Aristotle Society, you ensure the future of public library services in the Hanover area. Your passion for continual learning and higher literacy in our community encourages others to embrace this interest and nurture it through future generations. You can leave a legacy by including the Hanover Public Library Association, Inc. in your will. You can see our brochure for more information.

Meet the HPLA Board of Directors

Dan Frey

Brett Hoffacker
Vice President

Sue Frey

Bobbi Little

Barbara Carbaugh

Barbara Eisenhart

Sharon Kebil-Whisler

Mark Riggs

Christina Rosensteel

Jay Roth

Stephen Sherman

George Swartz