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Friends of the Library

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Friends Groups are a great way to become active in your community and meet your neighbors.  

How can I help? Easy ways to get started as a Friend

  • Volunteer at your library
  • Attend library events
  • Support your library with donations
  • Help out with a special project
  • Talk with community members to share the value of libraries
  • Attend Friends Group meetings

Friends of Guthrie Memorial Library

The Friends of Guthrie Memorial Library have been in existence since 1959 and they continue to thrive today! This group of energetic library lovers is led by our current president, Sue Frey. The Friends provide funding for Summer Reading Program, Book Talks, as well as expensive purchases the library would not be able to afford such as new book drops and library signs which allow us to communicate with busy commuters.

Our Friends work in tandem with the Library Director and staff selflessly giving physically and financially. By supporting the Friends of the Guthrie Memorial Library, your donation will ensure programming and needed upgrades within the library.

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Meet Our Friends Group

Sue Frey

Barb Hentz
Vice President

Barbara Fisher

Christine Wolfe

Jil Manga