Guthrie Memorial Library

Board of Governors

Board of Directors
Because libraries help build strong communities.

Boards of Directors are essential to maintaining the well-being of a library. Within York County Libraries, eight of our thirteen libraries have their own Board of Directors. These boards are responsible for overseeing the policies, regulations, and funds of the library, while also remaining informed on the current needs of the library. By keeping close contact with the library and its staff, the board can effectively make decisions about spending, as well as immediate and long-term objectives to better support the needs of the library.

Guthrie Memorial Library Board of Governors

The Board of Governors for the Guthrie Memorial Library is essential to maintaining the ongoing success of the library. Dedicated to supporting the library’s mission, the board reaches out to the community for financial support and fundraising. The Board of Governors also serve as advocates for the library by encouraging community support and involvement.

Meet Our Board Of Governors:

  • Stephen Sherman

  • Christina Rosensteel
    Vice President

  • Christine Neri
    Finance Chair


Laura Becker

Kaitlin Burkentine

Nat Fissel

Brett Hoffacker

Eric Klansek

Barbara Carbaugh
Nominating Committee

Barbara Eisenhart
Honors/Aristotle Committee

Nan Dunford
Borough Manager

Shanna Hollich
Library Director