Martin Library

Amenities & Unique Offerings

Martin LibraryBecause free Wi-Fi shouldn’t require a receipt…

What can I find at Martin Library?


  • Wi-Fi
  • Public Computers
  • Public Restrooms
  • Tours & Group Visits
  • Printing, Copying & Scanning
  • Faxing
  • After Hours Book Drop
  • Room Rental
  • Study/Quiet Rooms
  • Play, Learn, Grow*

*Play, Learn, Grow centers around the idea of learning through play. Through various resources in the library such as blocks, toys, games and interaction with others, children learn creativity and expression, while also growing as individuals. Learn more about Play, Learn, Grow.


Walk Up Research Assistance & Information Services

One feature of the library that the community continuously uses is our Information Services Desk. Located on the second floor, Information Services and Research Assistance strive to help you find what you need online, while also guiding you along the way.

Some of the services the Information Services Desk provides include:

  • Assisting with starting research
  • Resume and Cover Letter help (on Tuesdays and Saturdays)
  • Answering general and technology-based questions
  • Providing e-books and assistance with e-readers
  • Copying, Printing and Faxing services

Computers for All Ages

Unlike some of our other libraries in the county, Martin Library offers computers for all ages! Throughout the library, you will find computers for Adults, Teens, and Children, each one offering unique services based on age group. If you need assistance with using a computer, someone is available to help in each space for your convenience.

Art Displays

Adding color and vibrancy to the walls of the library, you will find a wide variety of art pieces located throughout the building. Typically, art can be seen on our main floor atrium and 2nd floor hallway. During the year, we feature and rotate a variety of artists’ work as they correspond with our current theme. Some themes we have had in the past include: Hispanic Heritage, Urban, Industrial, and many more.


In 2005, we excitedly introduced our floor-to-ceiling atrium in the center of the library. Originally a courtyard between the library and the adjacent Brownstone, the connecting atrium was built in an effort to expand and grow the library. From the floor of the atrium, you can easily navigate to various resources in the library due to the signage and visual markers located in the open space. Feel free to walk along and see all the atrium has to offer!

Teen Forum

Teens and tweens of the library are welcome to the Teen Forum located on the lower level of the building! Within this space, teens are free to read, browse books, use the computers or simply relax with friends. 
Open Hours: Sunday 1-4 pm; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 2:30-7 pm; Saturday 1-4 pm

Family Place

Inside the Children’s Room, you will find one of our favorite play and learning spaces at the library: Family Place! Family Place is a fun family-friendly environment where we encourage growth through play and interaction. For more information about the program, visit Martin Library’s Unique Programs page.