Martin Library

Board of Directors

Because libraries create healthier communities.

Boards of Directors are essential to maintaining the well-being of a library. Within York County Libraries, six of our thirteen libraries have their own Boards of Directors. These boards are responsible for overseeing the policies, regulations, and funds of the library, while also remaining informed on the current needs of the library. By keeping close contact with library administration, the board can effectively make decisions about spending, as well as immediate and long-term objectives to better support the needs of the library. 

Martin Library Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Martin Library is essential to ensuring the ongoing success of the library. In addition to being involved in the operations of Martin Library, the Martin Board of Directors is responsible for raising funds for the benefit of public libraries in all of York County and growing, and managing the assets of York County Libraries. The Martin Library Board consists of voting members and associate directors who are committed to governance, fundraising, and advocacy.

Meet Our Board Of Directors:

  • Tom Donley

    Chair, The Donley Foundation

  • John Polli

    Vice Chair
    President, Reliance Student Transportation, LLC

  • Chrysta Stine

    Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • John Senft

    Senft Schefler Ayers 

  • Krista Darr

    Voting Member
    Senior Vice President, Fulton Bank

  • Dominic DelliCarpini

    Voting Member
    Dean, York College Center for Community Engagement

  • John Schriver

    Voting Member
    Marketplace President, Stratix Systems