November 2020 - Paul Smith Library of Southern York County

Month: November 2020

Spine Labels

Using Spine Labels to Quickly Find Books

November 30th, 2020

Did you know that the Paul Smith Library uses a variety of labels on the spines of our books to make it easier for you to find what you need? Not only can you use the labels to find specific genres...

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Happy Holidays!

Add the Library to Your Christmas List

November 23rd, 2020

Now more than ever, we’re so grateful for the community that has funded, volunteered, celebrated, and advocated for Paul Smith Library of Southern York County through the years. At a time when everything feels uncertain, we find comfort and encouragement...

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What did the dinosaurs do?

November 19th, 2020

We are halfway through DINOVEMBER! You may be asking, what is Dinovember? Dinovember (a combination of "Dinosaur" and "November") is a month when plastic dinosaurs come to life! It is based on the book, What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night:...

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NewsBank: World News

November 16th, 2020

Worried about fake news? NewsBank provides a comprehensive collection of reliable news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues. Pick your topics and news sources. Covers a wide range of subject matters with quick links to hot topics....

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Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corps

November 10th, 2020

Today is the US Marine Corps birthday! The Marine Corps was founded on November 10, 1775 and celebrates its 245th birthday today! You can read about the history of the Marine Corps here. 

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November is Native American Heritage Month

November 5th, 2020

What is Native American Heritage Month? Native American Heritage month (also called American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month) was created to celebrate Indigenous peoples' "rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories, and to acknowledge the important contributions of Native...

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Smoke Detector

Remember to Check Your Smoke Detector

November 2nd, 2020

With the time change, remember to change your smoke detector batteries. It’s important to change them regularly as well as to test your detectors to ensure they are working properly.

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