A Behind the Scenes Look at SummerQuest 2020

Summer is wrapping up at the library. The last day to record your reading minutes is Sunday, August 16. Prizes may be picked up until the end of the month. To see pictures of the raffle prizes click here.

This is usually the time of year that we post pictures from our summer programs at the library. Sadly, because our programs were online and take home, we don’t have pictures of kids participating. If you scroll down to the bottom of this post you can see some of the behind the scenes pictures from this summer. 

Here are some fun SummerQuest numbers from Paul Smith Library:

1380 Take home kits made and picked-up from the library

23 Video Programs

3 Zoom Events

120 Bowls of Glue

25 Pounds of Air Dry Clay 

225 Bags of Model Magic

275 Ketchup Packets

11 Lego Challenges

3200 Toothpicks

990 Popsicle Sticks

190 Pencils

280 Plates

8+ Reams of Paper

600 Superhero Stickers

1800 Seashells

3000 Gems

180 packs of Skittles

A zoomed out view from Space and Shark Learn and Play. I bet you did not know the camera was on the play kitchen!

  Bags, bags everywhere!

Cooper enjoyed helping make take home kits.

  So much glue to make take home slime kits!

Yep, Mermaid Learn and Play Live was recorded in the bathroom while Miss Katie was at the beach. It was the only quiet room away from her kids!

Thank you everyone for your support of the library during this difficult time. More information about fall programs will be coming soon. Any feedback you would like to share with us would be greatly appreciated! Include your thoughts and ideas when you  fill out your SummerQuest survey at prize pick-up or e-mail us at [email protected]


Katie Forster, Youth Services Coordinator