Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

It sure has been a different summer at Paul Smith Library. Although we have not been able to be together in person, kids have been reading! Just like in previous summers, we have prizes to celebrate our readers. Starting August 3rd, readers may begin to pick up prizes. All prizes will be bagged and ready to go. Readers should pick up bags when they have finished logging ALL OF THEIR MINUTES for the summer (not every 200 minutes like in previous years). It will be a one time prize pick up this year. The goal is to log at least 800 minutes but readers may pick up a bag no matter what level they have reached by August 16. Don’t forget, GO York Hikes, grab and go, and virtual library programs each count as 20 minutes towards your 800 minutes goal. These must be logged manually as 20 minutes (in addition to logging the Go York Hikes as activities) to count towards your total. 

Addition information about GO York badges and scout badges will be coming soon. 

For every 200 minutes logged by Paul Smith Library readers, 1 prize raffle ticket will be earned. There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be earned. Check out the raffle prizes below! Prizes may be picked up through August 28. The raffle winners will be picked and notified the week of August 31.