It Looks Totally Different

The space that was once served as the information services department and adult computer lab looks totally different.  Renovations led by Kinsley Construction, Inc. have significantly altered the second floor at Martin Library. And the work is still ongoing.  Landlocked, this city landmark cannot easily expand, but it can renovate and repurpose its current space. 

Martin Library staff members are regularly shifting materials to make room for each stage of construction.  Community volunteers from the York College Changemakers and Boy Scout Troop 94 from Shiloh recently pitched in to help library staff relocate over 46,000 children’s books.  The bulk of the collection moved to the program room for temporary storage. And select items shifted to the atrium for members to borrow while the Children’s Library is closed for renovation. 

Want to see what’s happening at Martin Library?  Check out the pictures below: