Looking Back and Moving Forward

I don’t believe there are any insights or emotions that have not already been shared regarding the year 2020. As sportscasters like to say, “This is one for the history books.” 

So many of us started 2020 with high hopes for the new year. Positive energy filled the city. Individuals were poised to do fantastic things. Then, Covid 19 arrived.

Looking back over the past year, we can acknowledge the challenges each of us faced.  Because of Covid 19, some of us were inconvenienced. The pandemic caused many of our  neighbors discomfort. Unfortunately, many in our community faced devastation because of this disease. 

In 2021, let’s challenge one another to look for the positive and find those individuals who offer hope. Listen for the voices prepared to change our future. This does not require us to ignore the reality of our community. We can see it honestly. Then invite open discourse. Finally, seek solutions. Create a new vision for our city, county, and nation. I hope your voice will be one of those that rises loud and clear. Your voice can promote and encourage healing to all members of our community.

Mina Edmondson

Director, Martin Library