We Can Help You: Get Your Drivers License

Pennsylvania Driver’s Test Prep

Need to study for your Class C, motorcycle, or CDL license test? Looking for manuals but can’t find a booklet to study? There’s a reason you can’t find them—they’re now completely ONLINE, no paper books to lug around. York County Libraries have practice tests to help you prepare.

Go to our Resources page, scroll down to Parents and Educators, and click “Driving Test” to test your knowledge of Pennsylvania’s rules of the road. Practice tests range from Easy to Hard to Hardest, offer long and short tests, include real questions from the written and driving exams, and you can take them as many times as you’d like!

There is a convenient list of all the information and forms you’ll need to apply for your permit or license. Included is a link to PennDOT for all the current application fees, lists of testing sites, and links to schedule your test when you’re ready. A safe, responsible driver knows and obeys the rules of the road—so buckle up and learn today.