We Can Help You: Engage Young Readers

TrueFlix for the Young Investigator

TrueFlix by Scholastic is a fantastic resource for your 3rd through 5th grader who has a million questions about a subject. Or on the other end of the spectrum, maybe they just got assigned a science project, or a history report, or they have to learn about current events. They don’t know anything about it, and it’s soooo haaaard and borrrring. Where do they start?? TrueFlix!

TrueFlix pairs real-life informational videos with great fiction and nonfiction books on a HUGE range of subjects, from Ancient Civilizations to Current Events; Geography to Politics; Natural Disasters to Nuclear Meltdowns. There are biographies, science projects, history, and more; and every video-book pair offers in-depth exploration of the subject with Websites to visit, articles to read, games to play, and real-life activities to try! You can take a quiz to see how well you understood the book, or challenge yourself to learn newer, bigger words (that are sure to impress your teachers)!

TrueFlix helps students understand how a great many different subjects can be connected in interesting and surprising ways. It’s aimed at 3rd through 5th grade-level readers, but is a good way to “catch up” for 6th through 8th -grade readers who might just want a quick refresher on a subject before tackling a bigger project. TrueFlix aligns with Common Core standards for English Language Arts, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and Listening.