We Can Help You: Explore PA History

PA Digital

PA Digital is Pennsylvania’s corner of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). It offers a focused look at the history of our commonwealth. In the “Moving Image and Video” section, you can watch a poetry reading at Scranton University from the 1930s, or cheer on civil rights protestors at Temple in the ’60s. Listen to musicians from the 1940s or hear the oral history of an Irish soldier who endured the Battle of the Somme in the “Sound” section. Delve into the richly decorated images that surround Pennsylvania Dutch documents in the “Images” section, or catch up on the local news of 1903 rural Pennsylvania towns under “Text”. Walk along streets that are long gone, or visit your grandparents’ childhood through the news and artifacts of their era.

There are copies of William Penn’s speech to King George; original papers chronicling the Johnstown Flood; government documents from the Three Mile Island incident; and much more. Explore Pennsylvania’s heritage today!