Want to Connect with Local Authors?

Martin Library will continue its hit monthly Local Authors Series program in 2018, celebrating unique literary voices both new and old throughout the South Central PA region. Each month members and authors alike get together and listen to featured speakers talk about the trials, joys, and creation of their work. Admission is free, and signing up takes only a moment.

In November, our Local Authors Series hosted Don Helin and Anthony Fredricks. In January, it hosted M.C. Hillegas, Chas Williamson, Jenny Allen and Yvonne Schuchart.

February’s event will center on local female writers. It will take place from 2-4 pm on February 18th in the Quiet Reading Room (through the glass doors directly after the main entrance). February’s featured authors are Nadiyah N. Muhaimin, Susan Gourley, Natalie J. Damschroder, Sheri Queen, and Elizabeth Courtright.

Nadiyah N. Muhaimin specializes in YA fantasy. Fading Petals, first in her Emotional Jewels series, focuses on a teenager named Rue who wakes up in an ominous research facility named Tear Institute. As she searches for answers and a way home through Tear Institute’s desolate halls, Rue and an unlikely ally will uncover secrets that threaten to shatter her world.
Susan Gourley enjoys blending fantasy and science fiction together in her tales of love, war, and the emotional paradoxes that arise when they collide. Her latest novels are set in the distant future, setting the stage for intrigue, espionage, and valor. 
Sheri Queen’s contemporary fantasy romps feature sharp female heroines and imaginative settings. In the Sleepy Hollow Hunter series, shapeshifting bounty huntress Janda Gray finds herself choosing between career and passion when she falls in love with her target.
Natalie J. Damshroder prides herself on her ability to tackle a wide range of genres, infusing each with her  own touch. From realistic fiction to contemporary fantasy to superheroes, her catalog shows no shortage of versatility. No matter the setting, however, her work always delivers two things: romance and action.
Elizabeth Courtright’s romance narratives, both historical and contemporary, focus on our private struggle for redemption. She is also the founder of the Third Chance Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides college scholarships to adopted and foster children.

All featured authors will have their books available for purchase, but Martin Library carries their titles in its ever-growing Local Authors collection on the second floor. Don’t live near Martin? Interested members can submit a hold online and have up to ten titles shipped to their home library for no hassle pickup.

Questions? Are you a local author interested in joining this series? Contact us at [email protected] or call 717-849-6926.