Tech Help at York County Libraries

If you or a family member is looking for some plain-English explanations of how all this “tech stuff” works, come visit me at any of our 13 York County Libraries. I am Rebecca, the Tech Guru and I would be happy to help you get more familiar with the technological side of things, whether you need to learn the basics of your new phone, understand how to send emails from your tablet, or install antivirus programs on your laptop.

We know technology changes fast. Whether you’ve been using smartphones and tablets for years, or just got your first e-reader, it can all seem overwhelming. My coworkers and I are happy to assist you in figuring out how to make the technology work for you. Check the posted schedule or stop into Martin Library and ask for assistance at our Information Services desk.

We’ll help you learn what different messages on your devices mean and understand what steps can be taken to fix problems— although we are not a repair service. We can also recommend when it is time to think about updating your devices, without the pressure of a salesperson.

Have questions about online safety? Ask, and we’ll show you where you can discover helpful information to keep you safe. Concerned about being misled by “fake news” in your inbox? Have no idea how to use Facebook? You can ask questions about these and other topics and if we don’t have a solution we can help you find one.

The Tech Guru would love to introduce you to our eLibrary services such as audiobooks and eBooks, movies and TV shows, or graphic novels and so much more—all FREE with your library card!