Mason-Dixon Public Library

Board of Directors

Board of DirectorsBecause libraries help build strong communities.

Boards of Directors are essential to maintaining the well-being of a library. Within York County Libraries, eight of our thirteen libraries have their own Board of Directors. These boards are responsible for overseeing the policies, regulations, and funds of the library, while also remaining informed on the current needs of the library. By keeping close contact with the library and its staff, the board can effectively make decisions about spending, as well as immediate and long-term objectives to better support the needs of the library.

Mason-Dixon Public Library Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of Mason-Dixon Public Library plays an important role of the overall success of the library. Through their time, support, and dedication to the library, they encourage both community support as well as secure funding for the library. As the library’s needs continue to expand, the board is responsible for making sure those needs are met. Some of the board’s most important roles include strategic planning from year to year, financially managing the library, as well as implementing policies that govern library services.

Throughout the year, the board assists with various events and fundraisers that benefit the library. Such events include: an Art Display Program from local and regional artists, the Reds, Whites, and Brews fundraiser, and various raffles. In addition to our annual Reds, Whites, & Brews fundraiser and various raffles, the Library partners with the Stewartstown Historical Society for two fundraisers: the Christmas House Tour, and the Spring Garden Tour.

Meet Our Board Of Directors:

Stephen Freeman

Rehabilitation Administrator, Retired

Sandra Walsh

Registered Nurse, Retired

Robin Wigley

Administrative Assistant, Retired

Janet McElwain


Kenton Kurtz

Board Member
Business Owner

Rachel Sharnetzka

Board Member
Medical Field

Meghan Mildenberger

Board Member

Christy Freese

Board Member

Glenda Sommer

Board Member
Educator, Retired

Laura Manifold

Board Member
Attorney/District Judge

Roy Hiller

Board Member
Engineer, Retired

Brittany Barnette

Board Member
Mayor of Stewartstown

Emily Amberman

Board Member
High School Librarian

Casey Saylor

Board Member

Patricia Konhaus

Board Member