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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library

Because libraries help build strong communities

We need Friends like you…You can help improve your community

Friends Groups are a great way to become active in your community and meet your neighbors.

How can I help? Easy ways to get started as a Friend

  • Volunteer at your library
  • Attend library events
  • Support your library with donations
  • Help out with a special project
  • Talk with community members to share the value of libraries
  • Attend Friends Group meetings

Friends of Glatfelter Memorial Library

The Friends of Glatfelter Library are comprised of volunteers who support the library through programs, events, and fundraisers. Within the library, the Friends raise funds primarily through their ongoing in-house book sale, yard sale, and Read-A-Thon. Profits from these fundraisers then benefit the library through various means such as: providing funding for programs and purchasing items beyond what the library budget allows.

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Meet Our Friends Group

Anne Jones

Alissa Barshinger

Edna McAbier

Mary Ellen Kauffman

Trudy Murray

Kristen Henning

Ann Seitz-Brown

Betsy Scheivert

Danielle Lemmon

Monique Hale

Melissa Fowble

Ellen Helfrick

Jean Weidler

Janice Smith