Adult Summer Reading Bingo is Back!

Remember those long, lazy summer days when you spent all summer reading? Neither do we! As adults we have many things that pull us away from the things we enjoy—families to nurture, homes to maintain, and careers to develop. Because of our grown-up responsibilities, without a mindful effort its easy to push aside something we find pleasure in doing. This summer we invite you to take a breath and read with us.

This year, we’ve made a few changes to our Adult Summer Reading Program. When you sign up, you’ll receive a Bingo card with many new categories. As you complete your chosen books, you’ll have each square stamped by a Library Assistant. When you complete the Bingo card, you’ll trade it for a punch card of prizes from local merchants. In addition, when you read a book that impacts you in a profound way, whether it’s the story stays with you or it changes your life, we’d like you to share that book with our reading community. Cards will be available at the library desk for you to write a short review of the book which we’ll then post in the library. We hope you find many books you’re excited to share with other readers!

Adult Summer Reading 2021 will kickoff on July 12; hopefully, just in time for your vacation read. It will extend until October 1, giving you more time to explore books you are interested in reading. It’s worth saying, however, if you don’t finish by October 1, don’t give up! While your card must be completed by then in order to receive the prize punch card, the rewards of continuing to read books that may become your new favorites are far greater than any tangible prize.

Happy Reading!