2020 Year in Review

2020.  The year that most of us would like to forget.  Many of us experienced much more “down time” than we are used to having in our normally hectic lives.  Time apart from friends and family.  Time away from our jobs and things we love to do.  A time of loss.  A time of quiet and reflection.  A new and unexpected experience shared around the world.  Time. 


Many of us filled that time by returning to old skills that were forgotten.  Some of you pulled out your sewing machine from the closet to make masks and were reminded of how much you loved to sew.  When you had time.   


Or did you spend the time painting, knitting, cooking, writing or woodworking?  Any of the things that you loved to do.  When you had time.    


Maybe you finally got to cleaning out that garage, redecorating that spare bedroom or working on that old car you have been wanting to fix up?  Things that you wanted to do.  When you had time. 


Did you reconnect with old friends, school mates from years ago, buddies from the military or peers from past jobs via phone calls, email, letter wring or video chats?  Something you always said you would do.  When you had time. 


People remembered their love of learning and reading.  Libraries learned to adjust to new rules while keeping staff and patrons safe and still fulfilling the needs of the community.  Many people learned that it is easy to download electronic books to read.  Some people also learned that you could multitask and listen to a book you downloaded on your cell phone while cooking or cleaning the house.  Maybe you joined an online book club that meets via Zoom.  What a great way to share your love of reading and meet new friends!   


What did you read in 2020?  Were you able to spend more time reading?  Did you explore new authors and subjects?  Have you tried the online resources offered by your library? 


Did you know that you can log into your account from home?  Once you log in with your library card account, you can research the catalog, put books on hold or renew books online!  


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York County Libraries offer many online resources for those times when you cannot get to the library or when having a paper book is just not practical.  

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