Celebrate Leap Day

Leap Year occurs because there isn’t actually 365 days in a year but rather 365.242190.  To compensate for this extra time, an extra day is added to our calendar once every 4 years.


Here are some Fun Ways you and the kids can celebrate Leap Day!


  1. Have your kids write a letter to themselves to be opened in 4 years on the next Leap Day.
  2. Frogs are associated with Leap Day.  You can play a game of Leap Frog or Pin the Kiss on the Frog!  You can make a frog puppet!
  3. If you are born on Feb 29, consider joining the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies via their Facebook Group.
  4. Make a Leap Day Time Capsule.
  5. Watch the movie “Leap Year” available at YCL!


We hope you have Fun with this “Extra Day”

~Paul Smith Library Assistant