Presidents’ Day

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Presidents’ Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February and marks the birthday of America’s first President, George Washington. The day was originally celebrated on Washington’s actual birthday- February 22nd- but in 1968 Congress passed the Monday Holiday Law in an effort to make various fluctuating holidays a uniform date or time. Presidents’ Day is one of those holidays. While we call the day Presidents’ Day, there has never been any laws to officially change the name to that instead of a celebration of George Washington. But, because it is now celebrated on a fixed day not Washington’s birthday, many people see it as a way to celebrate both George Washington (February 22) and Abraham Lincoln (February 12) as well as all of the US Presidents. Whether or not you have this day as a holiday off, we hope you have a great day. Stop in to visit and check out our resources about the Presidents. 

~Michele Lefler, Library Director