Information Literacy

What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy is the ability to use the internet and technological resources to improve the education and skills necessary to succeed in a digital society.

Why does Information Literacy Matter? (statistics taken from

  • More than 9% of information needed for research papers was sourced from Wikipedia or other wikis.
  • The higher the grade point average, the lower the reliance on search engines such as Google or Yahoo for research papers.
  • Social networking use among Internet users ages 50 and older nearly doubled between April 2009 and May 2010, making this age group the fastest growing demographic for Facebook and other social media.
  • Nearly three-quarters of job seekers now use the Internet to seek employment, in part because this is the only way to apply for many job opportunities.

How does the Library support Information Literacy?

  • Monthly Tech Guru
  • Webinars for new library software such as Axis 360
  • Enhanced POWER Library
  • Online user account access