Outdoor “Museums”

There are a number of publicly accessible places in the area that provide an excellent opportunity to see history while maintaining social distance. These are a few local  places that might fly “under the radar.”

Carlisle Iron Furnace

109 Bucher Hill Rd., Boiling Springs

Once a thriving iron furnace, the Carlisle Iron Furnace is one of the areas finest examples of a 18th century furnace stack. The furnace is located close to Children’s Lake and the Appalachian Trail, which make for an excellent opportunity to get some additional fresh air.

Center Point Knob

109 Bucher Hill Rd., Boiling Springs (Parking lot for Carlisle Iron Furnace – start of hike)

This one requires some hiking to get to! The original halfway point of the Appalachian Trail is located about 3 miles south of Boiling Springs. It is marked by a replica of the original marker (which has its own story). The current halfway point, which changes slightly annually as the trail is rerouted, is located near Pine Grove Furnace State Park. It moved farther south when the trail was extended from Mount Oglethorpe to Spring Mountain.

You can reach Center Point Knob easily from the White Rocks Trail as well.

Old Dover Jail

2481 West Canal Rd., Dover (Dover Community Park)

Originally located in Dover, the Old Jail was moved to the park in recent years. This one room jail, dating from 1904, is typical of small town lock-ups that dotted the York County in the early 1900s (more information can be found here).

Fort Couch

Eight St. and Ohio Ave., Lemoyne

Fort Couch was one of the temporary earthwork forts built to protect Harrisburg during the Gettysburg Campaign. Fort Couch and similar forts were never attacked, although Confederate troops were in the area. A section of the fort’s earth walls are preserved today.

Letort Nature Trail

260 East Pomfert St., Carlisle (trailhead at Letort Park)

The 2.5 mile trail follows the Letort Run and features several trailheads. The trail follows the bed of the old South Mountain Railroad from Letort Park to Spring Garden St. in Carlisle. Completed in 1870, it ran from Carlisle to Pine Grove Furnace.

Keith Greenawalt