So How is the Library Funded?

It is a question I get frequently: how is the library funded? The answer is simple, but complex. We get our funding from a variety of sources, including from both the public and private sector. The following is a very general outline of how the Dillsburg Area Public Library, and many similar public libraries, are funded.

The largest chuck of our annual income comes from government appropriations. We received money for operations from state, county, and municipal governments. If you want to help increase these funds, call your elected officials and thank them from any past contributions and ask them to consider an increase to library funding in the future.

Another important source of funding is through private donations. most of the private donations that we receive come from members of our local community. We send out a direct appeal for funds annually that is well received. We also accept donations directly online ( – select Dillsburg Area Public Library). We also receive donations from local service and social clubs, like Kiwanis. All of these are greatly appreciated as well and all individual donations received are tax deductible as allowed by law.

A lot of library income is self-generated. That can mean a lot of things: provided services, fundraisers, investments. Our Friends of the Library group does a great job with their two annual book sales (netting over $3700 in 2019).  Other volunteers sell Giant gift card to raise money (the library gets 5% of all sales, ask at the circulation desk for more details). We host a Community Aid bin and you can support us through Amazon Smile.

This is far from an exhaustive list of how libraries are funded and situations may differ a good deal based on location and other factors. The bottom line is the bottom line: Public Libraries need funds to operate, so support your local library today! Every donation, no matter how small or large, is appreciated.