Video Games at the Library – Why Minecraft?

Minecraft Night is a popular program in the Children’s room.  Four times a year, we gather kids together to play Minecraft together.  Why do we do it?

First of all, kids love to play.  When we invite kids to the library to play a favorite video game, they also realize that we have books about Minecraft…and other books that they enjoy.  So, Minecraft leads to reading which is essential to learning and growing.

Second of all, kids love to create.  Our Minecraft challenges are done in creative mode.  That means kids get unlimited virtual blocks.  It’s like a digital version of lego club.  The sky’s the limit when kids put blocks together to build new masterpieces in a Minecraft World.

Lastly, kids build community.  Minecraft gives kids a common language and interest in which to talk together and make new friends.

Today’s families are always looking to find the perfect balance between screens, and real life.  Minecraft at the library is a great way to put screens to good use.  Screens can be a tool to bring us together and open our imaginations.