Summer Quest Thanks

Our library is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who help tirelessly throughout the year.  In the summer, we are thankful for a special kind of volunteer.  The following people have donated their time and talents to run programs for kids this summer.  We couldn’t offer such a fun-filled summer without these dedicated people.

The York County Sheriff’s Department visited us to teach us about their special K9 officersLieutenant David Godfrey did the talking and Captain Dargo (a pure bred German Shepherd) showed off his skills as a tracker and area searcher.  Our families asked tons of great questions, and Lt. Godfrey patiently answered each one.

Ms Tara Haller lead us in a kid’s Zumba class.  We loved the music and the movement.  Librarians (and even kids) tire much faster than Miss Tara.  She had boundless energy and enthusiasm to share with us!

Ms Nicolena Bryden brought music to our library when she offered us a free Music Together class.  Our circle of friends was a big one, and Miss Nicolena kept the whole room of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers grooving.  Singing, dancing, playing musical instruments were all a blast as we enjoyed music together.

Cupcake wars battled their way through our library this summer, and we were fortunate to have three dedicated judges here to keep it all in order.  Thanks to Val Sebestyen, Stephanie Flowers, and Joe Rizzo for tasting and scoring our teenagers’ magnificent creations.  Also thanks to Mita Patel who jumped in to help us calculate the winning scores, and keep the whole program flowing smoothly.

Mr Joe Rizzo brought his expertise to our Storytime under the Stars program.  Some people rely on apps and web pages to identify stars and constellations.  Joe points things out as he sees them in the sky, and explains why they are interesting.

We are looking forward to welcoming even more volunteers as the summer progresses, especially at our Summer Reading Celebration on August 14th.