Teen Volunteers Rock!

Summertime is a busy time at the library.  We are fortunate here in Dillsburg to get abundant help from teen volunteers.  These young adults do everything from running escape room programs to painting displays on our windows.  They help us hand out prizes to kids reading in our 800 minute reading challenge.  They move furniture.  They sharpen pencils.  They staple, cut, and sharpen.  They count every single cracker and candy that goes into our guessing jars.  They might even dress up as penguins.

I’d like to take a minute to recognize this year’s teen helpers.  Pictured above in cupcake wars are Alina (standing 2nd from left), David, Spencer, Zane, and Nicy (the 4 boys seated in front).  Behind the camera is Mahi.  Helping at other programs are Angie, Barry, David L., Hope, Karley, Sydney, and Teagan.

If you see them helping out, go ahead and give them a smile and a thank you.  There are plenty of things teens can do over the summer.  These teens choose to serve our community here at the Dillsburg Area Public Library.