Suggested World War II Titles

My grandfather was a ground crewman working on B-29s in the Pacific during World War II. He got me interested in history and World War II has always been an interest of mine. Many are familiar with Band of Brothers and The Greatest Generation, but there are many very good titles that are not nearly as well known. Here are some of my favorites from lesser known title from the collection of the Dillsburg Area Public Library (in no particular order):

  1. Secret War at Home by John Paul Bland (2006) – This is the story of a secret World War II prisoner of war camp near Pine Grove Furnace. This is a favorite because the War didn’t just take place oceans away. There are scars of the war all over America. In the woods near 
  2. Frozen in Time by Mitchell Zuckoff (2013) – This story isn’t just a favorite WW2 title, it is one of my favorite books. This is both a tale of arctic survival in Greenland and the modern day search for a frozen relic.
  3. Shadows in the Jungle by Larry Alexander (2009) – This is the story of the Alamo Scouts, a group of men who operated behind Japanese lines during the war. They gathered critical information on Japanese positions and troop strength. Alexander is an author from Lancaster and a notable biographer of Dick Winters (of Band of Brothers fame).
  4. A Measureless Peril by Richard Snow (2010) – This is a book I am particularly fond of because it has a certain sense of humor to it. Snow writes about the Battle of the Atlantic and the struggle to against German U-Boats.