Ever Wonder What to Read Next?

Ever wonder what to read next? We have all been there, you just finished reading all the books from your favorite author and have no idea what to try next. York County Libraries has a new resource for you to try. By using your library card and some key information, you can find a similar author or story just for you.

Books and Authors, a database from Gale, can help you find your next read! Go to York County Libraries For Researchers page, click on Books and Authors, and enter your library card number and your in! Now on the right side of the page you can use the Read-alike wizard. Say you just read Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. Click the title and use the keywords that you liked about the book to come up with a new title. I chose Chinese-American and came up with a few more books to try.

This resource will also let you search by genre or Who? What? Where? When? You will never say I don’t know what to read again!