What to Look For at Farmers Fair

The agricultural exhibits are a main attraction at Dillsburg Farmers Fair from October 15-20.

Most of the produce and home-produced items are entered at Community Hall (above the fire station) beginning Tuesday night through Thursday morning at 11 am. These exhibits are then open to the public Thursday night through Saturday night.

Whether you are a farmer, a backyard gardener, or a future gardener, all can enjoy looking at the many varieties of eggs, fruits, vegetables, grains, canned fruits and vegetables, honey, flowers and flower arrangements, crafts, and sewing on exhibit at the fair. Each year, over 700 individuals enter items for exhibit, so there is a great variety to see and learn about. You and your children might want to try counting how many  of the 29 different kinds of apples are on display this year, or how many different kinds of jelly you see. Look for the funniest vegetable critter, the Crop Art made entirely of seeds, and the heaviest pumpkin and watermelon.

Our library has a complete section of books in the nonfiction area that can help you grow your own vegetables and even learn more about farming. Picking Apples and Pumpkins by Amy Hutchings  shows kids some of the different kinds of apples. Welcome to the Farm by Shaye Elliott provides guidance on starting your own homestead farm. Maybe you could grow something worthy of a blue ribbon at next year’s Farmers Fair!