Reflections of a New Library Director

I have been the director of the Dillsburg Area Public Library for a getting close to a year now. In that time I have learned, or in some cases reinforced, the importance of the local public library. The Dillsburg Area Public Library, and many similar libraries, serve an important role in the community. We are cultural and community centers and places to live and grow. We are more than the sum of our parts or the sum of our services. We are vital.

I have seen a lot in my 12 years working in Pennsylvania public libraries. I have seen innovative programs and cutting edge technologies that meet the needs of our users. I have seen formats come and, sometimes sadly, formats go. I have helped countless individuals solve a myriad of problems. And yes I have checked out, checked in, and shelved many books.

I say all of these things with pride, but I say with greater pride that I am not unique in my experiences. Library staff everywhere, including in Dillsburg and across all York County Libraries, work hard to meet the needs of those who come through our doors, both at physical locations and to use our virtual offerings. We offer services that in many cases you will only find at your local public library. I am proud of the staff and programs here at Dillsburg and all across York County. We change lives.

If you are ever in Dillsburg, stop by the library and say hi.

Keith L. Greenawalt, MSLS