Our Tree – Gateway to a Special Place

It is hard to think of the Dillsburg Area Public Library without thinking of our tree. It’s one of the many things that makes us special and makes us stand out from the crowd. It serves a very important purpose: it is the gateway to a very special place. What is that special place you might ask? It is our children’s room.

In our children’s room you can take a ride on the Polar Express, you can explore new worlds and make new friends, and you play till your hearts content (or till its time to go home). Our children’s area has been the site of many story times and special events, both big and small. Our tree is special because it lets our youngest user know that they are entering a special place. They are entering a place that is just for them. It is a place to learn and grow, just like a tree!

One of my favorite parts of our tree is the knothole. Many children, and even a few adults, have used that knothole as their personal entrance to the chidren’s room. I would be telling a small fib if I said I’ve never crawled through myself. Just a small one. Seeing a smiling face crawling popping through that whole makes me smile. Every single time.