Fall Book Sale Wrap-Up!

The Friends of the Dillsburg Area Public Library recently wrapped up their Fall 2017 book sale. The sale was held at the library during the week for Farmer’s Fair from October 14th to 21st. Many different readers came and pick up gently used volumes of recent best sellers and time honored classics. Many different genres and types of books were to be had at bargain prices. The Friends and library staff worked really hard to collect, sort, and box the books before the sale and to set up and conduct the sale during Farmer’s Fair. In total over $1100 was raised to support the library and all of that we do!

Library book sales are a win for everyone involved. For the library user, sales are a great source of inexpensive reading material as well as a great place to recycle and reuse books you may not need anymore. For the library, sales are a great source of much needed income.

Make sure you watch for our next book sale in May during Picklefest. We will begin collecting books again in March for that sale. If you are interested in joining the Friends to help with this awesome project, stop by the library!

Thank you to everyone who donated and shopped! Thank you most of all to the Friends and staff who worked so hard on this project! Dillsburg appreciates everything you do!