Collinsville Community Library

Amenities & Unique Offerings

Because free Wi-Fi shouldn’t require a receipt…

What can I find at Collinsville Community Library? 


  • Wi-Fi
  • Public Computers
  • Tours & Group Visits
  • Printing, Copying & Scanning
  • After Hours Book Drop
  • Faxing
  • Year-Round Book Sales
  • Public Restrooms
  • Play, Learn, Grow*

*Play, Learn, Grow centers around the idea of learning through play. Through various resources in the library such as blocks, toys, games and interaction with others, children learn creativity and expression, while also growing as individuals. Learn more about Play, Learn, Grow.

 STEM Interactive Materials

One of our most hands-on, interactive materials we supply is our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) materials. With two full bookcases of materials, we have a variety options for anyone interested in learning more about any of the STEM subjects!

Shared Playground

Our neighbors at Clearview Elementary School have generously allowed us to share their playground for many years! When the school is not using the space, we welcome all our visiting children to run and enjoy the playground.


Technology is one of the most important resources for any library. At Collinsville Community Library, we readily have technology available for visitors to access. Recently, we have even incorporated Chromebooks into our technology collection for your ease of access. With these more mobile laptops, you can freely sit anywhere in the library to do your work.