COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

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This page last updated: 27JULY2021
All adult groups are now eligible to receive the vaccine! People aged 12 and up can get the two-dose Pfizer vaccine. Safety info here.  

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 Image: Front page of the COVID-19 Vaccine Interactive toolConfused? Have concerns? Understandable! Click to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines. How were they made so fast? How do they work? What are the risks and benefits? FAQs, short videos, explanations, all in one spot! Updated with Delta Variant info 28 July 2021
Last updated 28 JULY 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines

There are three vaccines being distributed in the US. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines each have their own two-shot schedule. The Janssen vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) only requires one shot. Talk with your doctor about which is right for you.

Where can I get the vaccine? 

Click here to find vaccine providers. You can now filter results by which vaccine you’d like to receive.

In York County, PA, you can visit the York County COVID-19 Vaccine Website. This map includes where walk-in appointments are available around the county.

I don’t drive. How do I get to my vaccine?

Help is available. Contact RabbitTransit to arrange for transportation to and from your appointment location. 

  • Contact RabbitTransit at: 1-800-632-9063. Set your vaccine appointment first. Then call no later than noon the day before your appointment to schedule a ride share. Masks are required during the ride.
  • Uber and Lyft may also be able to help you get to and from your vaccine appointment! Visit – Incentives for more info.

I have nobody to watch my kids. How can I get a vaccine?

The federal government has a website of companies who are offering support, including childcare during your appointments. Visit – Incentives for info. 

What does the vaccine cost? 

There is no cost for the vaccine, whether you are insured or not!

I’ve had both shots. What do I do with my vaccination card?

Keep it somewhere safe! This is your record that you have been vaccinated. If booster shots are needed later, they’ll update this card.


Vaccine Providers in our region as of  22 July 2021

PA Dept of Health COVID-19 website: COVID-19 Vaccine (

WellSpan Health
Set up a free MyWellSpan Health account. Many locations available. Walk-in available at some locations.  Visit for more.

Want to call? WellSpan’s COVID-19 hotline is (855) 851-3641 

Geisinger Health 
Log into your MyGeisingerHealth account for appointments; walk-in available at some locations.

Giant Food Stores Pharmacy
Appointments or walk-ins available. Info at:

*most stores are located in south central PA

Rite Aid Pharmacy
Visit the Rite-Aid COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler. More info at

CVS Pharmacy
Appointments available in the CVS app or on website. Walk in appointments at some locations. More info at Target stores may have a CVS pharmacy inside.
Weis Markets Pharmacy (limited locations)
Availability on the Weis Markets website: Pharmacy Services | Weis Markets

Want to learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccine was developed? What are the known safety and risk information? Other FAQs? 
Click here to go to our COVID-19 Vaccine: Learn Page.


COVID-19 Vaccine: Basics for South-Central PA (one printable sheet UPDATED 27 JULY 2021)

What To Expect At Your Vaccine Appointment (one double sided sheet)

What To Expect After the COVID-19 Vaccine Printable Sheet (one sheet)

Healthline: Understanding Opposition to Vaccine (3 single sided pages)



Click the above link to view our updated, linked list of the resources used to create both this COVID-19 Vaccine: Learn tool and also the COVID-19 Resources webpage.