June 1-3 Techmageddon & Axis 360

 We’re sorry for the recent “techmageddon”

It sure seems that Murphy’s Law had its own plans for our launch of Axis 360 on June 1st. We sent an email to our members with links to details about the new service on our website. But alas, the website was on the fritz by Friday afternoon and was still out most of Saturday the 2nd. That converged with a 14-hour maintenance downtime on Axis 360 that spilled into Sunday morning. What a way to launch. We are very sorry for the inconvenience it caused so many of you trying to log onto the new service.  The good news is that we’ve made changes to our website, as recently as Thursday, June 7th and the YCL site now seems to be running smoothly.

New Axis 360 users

As of 8 am Friday morning, we had 2,463 Axis 360 accounts opened by the end of the first week!  Members are using Axis 360 and have checked out 3,571 items and placed another 2,098 on hold.   We’re so glad you are enjoying the service.

Now with any changes in technology, there is a learning curve. It seems like lightyears ago when we helped members move from cassettes to CD’s and videos to DVD’s. It took some getting used to when we added digital books to our mix seven years ago. There were some growing pains, and here we go again.

We are dedicated to working with each and every one of you to find a way to access the digital books on Axis 360.

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