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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library

Because libraries help build strong communities

We need Friends like you…You can help improve your community

Friends Groups are a great way to become active in your community and meet your neighbors.

How can I help? Easy ways to get started as a Friend

  • Volunteer at your library
  • Attend library events
  • Support your library with donations
  • Help out with a special project
  • Talk with community members to share the value of libraries
  • Attend Friends Group meetings

Friends of Village Library

The Friends of Village Library is a Branch Support Group responsible for raising a portion of the money needed to operate the Village Library. Funds are raised primarily through appeals to the municipalities in our service area, an annual appeal to Village Library members, and book sales. The main book sales occur in the Village Library Used Book Store, as well as at the Jacobus Community 4th of July Celebration and Christmastime in Loganville.

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